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  • Blaze

    BLAZE Doesn’t Take Criticism Well

    Here is something I must admit… I actually did book the guy on the right with the “Oh!” Face One time. We were doing a benefit show for a mentally handicapped children’s hospital in this [...]

  • The Doodley Boyz

    The Doodley Boyz

    The Doodley Boyz…. No, that’s not a typo. These guys actually wrestle as “The Doodley Boyz”.

  • Full Nelson University

    Full Nelson University

    Apparently this guy, “Bash Boulder”, trains guys in a public park to be professional wrestlers… He also has a great story about tying a man to a tree. To anybody that was trained at the [...]

  • The Dirty Player

    The Dirty Player

    This is THE DIRTY PLAYER and here he is “cutting a promo” about an ELECTRIC CHAIR MATCH!    

  • no-bookings

    Not One Single Booking Here

    Show in a Basement… Check! Jean Shorts… Check! Tennis Shoes… Check! Working in a shirt… Check! White Trash as fuck… Check! Ref in a La Parka Mask… Bonus Check! NOBODY is Getting Booked!

  • dick-foley

    Everybody, Meet Dick Foley

    Check out Dick Foley! Complete with his authentic Cactus Jack shirt. I guess if you are going to rip a man off completely, you might as well buy his shirt…

  • wtf-is-this

    WTF Is This?

    If it looks like your ass is in the front of your pants… You Are NOT Getting Booked!

  • not-getting-laid

    He’s Not Getting Booked or Laid

    Jeff Hardy arm sleeves means You Are NOT Getting Booked! But Jeff Hardy arms sleeves with a long sleeve shirt under them means You Are NEVER Getting laid.


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