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  • yangb

    We Are Back!

    YANGB is back and ready to call out your favorite local indy. Stay tuned for more of the (not really) good, (mostly) bad, and (really) ugly of Independent Wrestling! Be sure to visit us on […]

  • Blaze

    BLAZE Doesn’t Take Criticism Well

    Here is something I must admit… I actually did book the guy on the right with the “Oh!” Face One time. We were doing a benefit show for a mentally handicapped children’s hospital in this […]

  • The Doodley Boyz

    The Doodley Boyz

    The Doodley Boyz…. No, that’s not a typo. These guys actually wrestle as “The Doodley Boyz”.

  • Full Nelson University

    Full Nelson University

    Apparently this guy, “Bash Boulder”, trains guys in a public park to be professional wrestlers… He also has a great story about tying a man to a tree. To anybody that was trained at the […]

  • The Dirty Player

    The Dirty Player

    This is THE DIRTY PLAYER and here he is “cutting a promo” about an ELECTRIC CHAIR MATCH!    

  • no-bookings

    Not One Single Booking Here

    Show in a Basement… Check! Jean Shorts… Check! Tennis Shoes… Check! Working in a shirt… Check! White Trash as fuck… Check! Ref in a La Parka Mask… Bonus Check! NOBODY is Getting Booked!


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